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Not only do we treat a wide variety of pets, including avian species, exotics and wildlife, but we are also proud to offer a wide range of services. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced diagnostic tools to provide precise diagnostic solutions to your pet, whether they’re visiting for a routine checkup or require intensive surgical care.

Visiting us regularly for checkups and routine care is an important part of optimizing overall health. Visiting regularly allows for early detection of a wide range of potential issues that can become especially complicated if left untreated. Some of these issues include heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and more. General wellness is a crucial component of overall health and allows us to stay ahead of any potential complications that could otherwise occur down the road.
Just a little bit of prevention can go a long way when it comes to ensuring that your pet lives a long and happy life. Whether our approach to prevention requires vaccinations, dietary counseling, or other measures, preventative care can extend the lifespan of your pet and ensure that they’re living to their full potential.

While we are proud to offer general and preventative care as important components of comprehensive wellness, we also offer surgical procedures when required. This may be a routine spay/neuter or soft tissue/orthopedic surgery, but our decades of accrued veterinary experience gives us the knowledge to provide the surgical care needed to optimize both the health and lifespan of your pet.

HBOT is a form of therapy that induces your pet’s natural healing process. This can be used in many situations and allows for 100% oxygen to reach your pet in a controlled setting. This can be an important part of a speedy recovery and Ravenwood is proud to possess this advanced medical capability as a part of our service offerings.

Orthopedic treatment involves care of the musculoskeletal system and can allow for the healing and treatment of a variety of joint conditions and fracture repair. If your pet is experiencing visible pain or discomfort, we encourage you to contact us about the orthopedic services we can offer.

We are proud to provide critical care solutions that can help with an injury, ailment or level of acute distress that your pet may be experiencing. While we do possess the ability to deliver critical care solutions, we ask that if you’re experiencing an emergency that requires immediate attention that you please call Veterinary Emergency Center of East Volusia at (386) 761–1911.

Dental care and hygiene are important components of overall health. Dental issues can sometimes lead to greater complications down the road, such as tooth root abscess, gum disease or other issues. We recommend bringing your pet in for a dental evaluation if you notice any mouth odor or changes in eating. You may also want to consider administering dental chews regularly as both a treat, and a way to keep your pet smiling from ear to ear!

High definition X-rays can provide crucial diagnostic insight that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. This can help us to identify an issue or complication, and set a course for recovery within a short amount of time. When blood tests and routine diagnostic work isn’t enough, our radiology services allow for unparalleled insight into the wellness of your pet.
As a viable alternative to X-rays, ultrasonography also provides insight into the health of your pet without emitting any radiation. Ultrasonography is completely non-invasive and painless, allowing for us to diagnose and evaluate potential medical issues with almost no impact on the comfort of your pet.
Laser Surgery can be a wonderful resource when it comes to tissue repair, alleviating pain and inflammation and facilitating cell growth. This is a highly advanced and rapidly developing area of veterinary medicine, and Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic is proud to deliver Laser Surgery solutions to optimize the health and recovery of your pet.
Endoscopy gives us in-depth insight into the health and internal workings of your pet and can be an incredible tool when it comes to comprehensive evaluation. This practice allows for a visual examination of internal organs without the need for any invasive surgery or more intensive procedures. As with our other medical treatments, our Endoscopy services use state-of-the-art equipment and occurs under the direct care of our highly-trained veterinarians.
Both surgical and interventional oncology treatments can extend the lifespan of your pet and help to deal with any tumors or cancerous growths. While abnormalities within the health of your pet can be concerning, the right treatments can make a dramatic difference when it comes to life quality and potentially curing the issue as a whole.

Whether you own a lovely dog, cat or exotic, Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic is your destination of choice for exceptional veterinary care!

Yes, this means reptiles, small mammals and even wildlife too!

If you have a question about our services and want to know if we’ll be able to accommodate your pet, simply give us a call at (386) 788-1550!